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is fortune, princip●ally consisting in land and its produce, was o●f necessity irretrievably ru▓ined. Josef Asher accompanied ▓them; he had been active in consoling, encour●aging, and assisting his weaker brethren.Not a ▓family departed without receivin▓g some token of his sympathy and love; and young▓ and old crowded round him, ere they went●, imploring his blessings and his prayers. I▓t was, however, observed that of hi▓s own departure, his own plans, Ashe●r never spoke.That he would acc▓ompany h

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hildren, all believed, and so di●d Josephine herself; but all were mista●ken. On the evening of their first day〃埊s journey, as

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ach was?/a> ?mounted on

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n ▓him in prayer, and as he concluded, ●he spread his hands upon their heads▓, and blessed each by name, emphatically, unf●alterin

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as in his days of y●outh. “And now,” he said, as they aro▓se, “farewell, my beloved children.The God of ▓Israel go with ye,

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lead ye, ev▓en as our ancestors of old, wi▓th the daily cloud and nightly pillar.I go ●no further with ye.” “No further! what

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坣s our father” exclaimed I▓mri and Josephine together. “Th●at I am too old to go forth to another▓ land, my children.The God

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udah demands not▓ this from his old and weary s●ervant.Fourscore and fifteen years I have serv●ed Him in the dwelling-place of min?/p>

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wn people, and there shall H▓is Angel find me.My sand is● well-nigh run out, my strength must fail ere I ●reach the shore.Wherefore

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